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Past Masters of Aurora Lodge No.48

Starting from the consecration in 1818

Aurora Past WMs 2023RWM slate.png

2024 Current Lodge Officers

Worshipful Master - Chris Neu

Senior Warden - Justin Lindamood

Junior Warden - Clarence Sheets

Senior Deacon - Adam Bare

Junior Deacon - Albert Minet

Secretary - Bill Carson

Treasurer - Mike Payton PM

Chaplain - Aaron Buckler PM, PDDGM

L.E.O. - Steve Williams PM

Aurora Officers 2024.jpg

2023 Lodge Officers

Scott Adams - Worshipful Master

Clint Williams - Senior Warden

Chris Neu - Junior Warden

Michael Payton PM - Treasurer

Bill Carson - Secretary

Aaron Buckler PM PDDGM - Chaplain

Clarence Sheets - Senior Deacon

Rob Winebrenner - Junior Deacon

Justin Lindamood - Senior Steward

Luis Hernandez - Junior Steward

Steve Collier - Tyler

Steve Williams PM - Education Officer

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