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All About Us

Aurora Lodge 48 has been actively serving our community since 1818. Our values of faith, hope, and charity are at the foundation of everything we do. We strive to create an atmosphere where all members feel welcome and included. Our lodge members are not only committed to upholding our Masonic values, but are also dedicated to engaging with the local community in a positive and meaningful way. 

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Message from the Master

It is a privilege to lead Aurora Lodge this year. Our lodge is an assembly of men who share similar values, coming together to work toward a common goal: to improve ourselves and the community around us. Our mission is to promote virtue, charity, and brotherly love, to better ourselves, communities, and our families. We believe that by working together and pooling our resources, we can make a greater impact than we could individually. 

C.R. Neu - Master of Aurora Lodge No. 48


The Grand Lodge of Ohio

Ohio Freemasonry is a thriving Brotherhood of more than 60,000 men in over 400 lodges throughout the state. Men from virtually every city and village are quietly improving their own lives and making a difference in the lives of others — like minded men of integrity who genuinely care about each other, who are loyal and honor bound to help those in distress and to live by the Masonic values of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

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